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The Goodside

The Goodside is Dubai’s new feel-good kitchen with health at its heart and your microbiome in mind. Their tantalizing menus are curated by the best nutrition experts in the business and finished with a dash of love. We were given complete creative freedom with one caveat: the branding should evoke a sense of optimism and community.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity





Communication Strategy & Tone of Voice

Discovering the brand’s Pillars, Values, and Voice shapes every aspect of the business: its core Message, Visual Identity and Personality. Building upon this foundation, we developed a bespoke Tone of Voice, guiding The Goodside on how to express their science and nutrition expertise with a peppering of evocative language to convey the tantalising taste of each dish.

Visual Identity

The Goodside logotype is a curvaceous, contemporary serif typeface. Its playful and bold style gives it an approachable and optimistic feel. The swooping and droplet detailing in the ‘G’ and first ‘d’ reference the vagus nerve, which connects the mind to the gut, and we believe it to be the other home of well-being.

The capital ‘G’—which also serves as a monogram—consists of the hanging berry shape at the top, the vagus nerve, and incorporates both ‘G’ for ‘good’ and ‘S’ for ‘side’. The final brand marque was created by applying a kaleidoscopic effect to the monogram.

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